Vicente Souza is a character in the Lilydale series.

Biography Edit

Vicente grew up in Nova Iguacu outside of Rio de Janeiro, youngest of three children. He was tencious and dedicated, he soon joined the Policia Civil after high school. He was quickly recruited by CORE.

During a raid on the Terceiro Comando Puro with CORE, he was ambushed as he cleared a house in Senador Camara. Two months later, CORE was able to extract him and three other hostages during a rescue operation however the damage to his body was done.

There was talks of removing him from the field. In the meantime, CORE was looking for field operatives to test new gears and Souza saw his chance. His stoicism and unique tactical method then turned him into a local iron.

That's when BOPE made him an offer. He could not turn them down; it meant working in the favela where his gear would lessen casualties.

Personality Edit

When Vicente was 10, his older brother was killed by a member of the Comando Vermelho. After his death, he dedicated his life to protecting Brazil. He became fixated when innocent lives were at stake. This made him an excellent operative in conditions where there is a high risk for collateral damage. His experiences as a hostage has only strengthened his resolve to protect Brazil from the horrors the drug trade inflicts upon its people.

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