Tyler Gale is the only son and eldest child of Caliban and Cordelia Gale. He is the elder brother of Juliette and Mia Gale.

Character Edit


History Edit


Tyler was born to Caliban and Cordelia Gale, two months after his parents got married. He's the eldest child.


He lost his parents to a house fire at the Albion Manor when he was only 7 years old. The house was badly destructed that they had to bulldoze the entire home and rebuild.


He graduated from high school where he successfully got into Law School and began working for Teodor Medina. Teodor and Tyler's grandfather, Consort arranged for Tyler and Teodor's only child Palmira to marry each other to unite the families together.


Tyler was still engaged to Palmira where they soon mutually agreed to date. Tyler began to have feelings for his sisters friend, Cece who moved into their home temporarily.


Tyler and Palmira broke up because she realized that Tyler was in love with someone else. Tyler and Cece began dating.

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