Taina Pereira is a character in the Lilydale series.

Summary Edit

Taina was born seventh in a family of ten boys, she had to be resourceful in order to get what she wanted. Little of her childhood is known apart from the meagre pension her mother received after her fathers death. She was only six when her family was forced to move to a poor neighbourhood in the outskirts of Sao Paulo state.

She caught the authorities attention when she was 16, after her mother reported that she had been missing. A year later, she was arrested miles away on robbery charges in Rio de Janeiro. Remaining poised and displaying intellect throughout the process, she impressed the judge in charge of the case. He was lenient towards her age and character in which he claimed, showed potential for social-educational reform. He gave her the choice between entering a juvenile reformatory and working with BOPE in Rio de Janiero.

Sensing protection for her deviant predisposition, she accepted to become a BOPE criminal informant.

Personality Edit

She excels in extracting information from suspects. She uses controversial methods undermining BOPE protocol, she was a key interrogator during the 2010 Rio de Janeiro Security Crisis. Her brutal behaviour on the field suggest that she may be suffering from an anti-social personality disorder. However, the results of all the tests conducted were inconclusive.

Appearance Edit

She has tan skin, black hair and black eyes.

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