Ryad Ramirez is a character in the Lilydale series.

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Pushed from one family to the next, Ryad emerged from the foster care system when his older brother, Faisal Ramirez, turned 18 and became his legal guardian.

Blaming his shortcomings for the loss of his older brother, Ryad decided to join the Policia Nacional. He passed the mandatory ESO (high school) and became a CNP at 19. He is still investigating his brother's case and to this day, but was unable to find any solid evidence against his brothers murderer.

With strong resolve and broad resourcefulness in difficult terrains, he joined the Grupo Especial de Operaciones to track down HVT and intercept narcotic shipments.

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He suffers from chronic insomnia. He is at risk of developing acute symptoms such as muscular weariness, hallucinations and double vision. He must be monitored closely.

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