Monika Weiss is a character in the Lilydale series.

Biography Edit

Monika developed a knack for electrical engineering early in her life. At 16, she completed her first internship with a local tech company. She would continue her education at MIT and Caltech in the United States. After university, she traveled for a year before dedicating her life to a new challenge, the Bundespolizei. She thrived in her new environment and after two years, she was recruited by GSG 9. A brilliant overachiever and fast learner, she is a natural at almost everything she tries. With an Ivy League education in electrical engineering and service in GSG 9 technical testing and airborne units, she uses a device which detects electronic traps and gadgets from a distance.

Personality Edit

A brilliant overachiever and fast learner, she has been successful at everything she tries.