Juliette Gale was the eldest daughter and second child of Caliban and Cordelia Gale. She is the sister of Tyler and Mia Gale.

Character Edit


History Edit


Juliette was born to Caliban and Cordelia Gale, both of English descent. She is the second eldest child and first daughter.


At a young age, she lost both of her parents to a house fire where Juliette and her siblings were taken in by their maternal grandparents, Consort and Contessa as their legal guardians.


Only just a year after the death of her parents, she lost her grandmother and soon acted as the motherly figure to her brother and sister.


Began dating Romeo Monty where they were just starting high school and were best friends.


Juliette was dating Romeo Monty for six years. He suddenly broke up with her and joined the army where he was sent to Iraq.


Seven months later after Romeo was sent away to Iraq, he was assumed dead. She attended his funeral in Lilydale but was still recovering from the break up. She was in denial with his death for several months and considered it to be lies from the Monty family so she could move on with her life. After the death of Romeo, she went from being the best student at her school to nearly failing her final year of high school.

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