International House is the second largest residential college affiliated with the University of Melbourne.

History Edit

Shortly at the end of of World War II in 1945, the Australian Government invited university students from countries in South Asia to study as part as an aid program called the Colombo Plan.

It was the first International House to be built in Australia. It was opened in 1957.

In 1972, the house became the first residential college to admit female residents.

Architecture Edit

Buildings Edit

  • Clunies Ross Wing
  • Wadham Wing
  • Scheps Building
  • Hilda Stevenson Building
  • Greycourt Building
  • The Bob Fels Apartments
  • Dimmick Apartments
  • Founders Building
  • George Hicks Building (formerly Ida Scheps Wing)

Student Life Edit

The International House provides supplementary tutorials for the residents.

The Angus Mitchell Library has an extensive collection of volumes that have an emphasis on Australia.

Residents Edit