Gilles Toure is a character in the Lilydale series.

Biography Edit

He is the son of an army officer and school teacher, his family was stationed near Bordeaux, France. A few years after he graduated from high school, he became a member of the National Gendarmerie. Dedicating his life to the defense work, his commitment has allowed him to obtain a position in the GIGN. After many years of service and involvement in numerous incidents such as the 1994 French Airplane hijacking, he became the longest-serving GIGN operative. He is a certified GIGN trainer. He has also won several CQB awards in SWAT competitions in Europe and the US.

Personality Edit

Fiercely protective of his teammates, this gentle giant would not hesitate to throw himself in front of a bullet if it meant protecting his fellow operators from harm. He brandishes an extra-large riot shield, first issued in the 1980s, that has seen more action than most operators.