The Gale Family is one of the current families of Lilydale.

History Edit

The initial founder of the Gale family is unknown but their descendants date back to the early 1930s.

Family Members Edit


  • Caliban Gale - Caliban is the son of Sycorax and Prospero Gale.
  • Cordelia Gale - Cordelia was the wife of Caliban until his death and mother to Tyler, Juliette, Mia and Tara Gale. She grew up in Lilydale.
  • Tyler Gale - Tyler is the son of Cordelia and Caliban Gale. He is the heir of the Gale family.
  • Juliette Gale - Juliette is the second child of Cordelia and Caliban Gale.
  • Mia Gale - Mia is the third and supposedly final child of Cordelia and Caliban Gale.
  • Tara Gale - Tara is the fourth and final child of Cordelia and Caliban Gale. Her existence remains unknown to everyone because nobody knew that Cordelia was pregnant when she supposedly died.

== Family Tree ==

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