Dion Bourbon is a main character in the Lilydale series.

Biography Edit

Dion is the son of Letizia, Queen of Spain and Alfonso Bourbon, King of Spain.

On his 18th birthday in 2010, he swore allegiance to the Constitution and to the King in the Spanish Parliament fully accepting his role as the successor to the Crown.

He is the heir of the Spanish throne.

Succession to the throne Edit

In 2013, Dion's father, Alfonso abdicated the throne in which meant as his fathers heir, Dion would become the next king of Spain. There was much speculation that Dion as a 22-year-old, if their were marriages arranged as the soon to be King of Spain. After the abdication of his father, his younger sister, Alexandrina was finally able to come home to Spain after exile for two years.

In September 2013, Dion's coronation was schedule where all members of House Bourbon was invited including his previously exiled sister, Alexandrina. The night before his coronation, Dion and a few of his friends celebrated becoming King of Spain where he met an Australian women, Juliette Gale.

On the 23rd of September 2013, Dion was crowned King of Spain with the royal sword, sceptre and his crown of gold.

Marriage Edit

On the 12th of October 2013, Alfonso Bourbon announced that King Dion would be married by August 2014. Dion's father had several marriage proposals arranged of noblewomen around Europe to be the future Queen of Spain.

Constance Bonaparte (1990)

Alexandra Weilburg (1991)

Juliette Gale (1992)

Carolina Rietberg (1996)

Elena Monpezat (1994)

Miriam Hanover (1999)

Adrianna Amsberg (2002)

Issue Edit

Name Birth Marriage Their Children Their Grandchildren
Liana Bourbon August 24, 2016
Andre Bourbon April 11, 2018
Isabella Bourbon September 23, 2020
Charles Bourbon January 22, 2024
Tomas Bourbon March 23, 2026