Caliban Peter Gale is a character in the series, Lilydale.

History Edit


Caliban Gale was born to Sycorax and Prospero Gale. He is their only child.


He graduated from University along with his long-time girlfriend, Cordelia with a Business Degree.


He got engaged and married to Cordelia Gale.


His first child, Tyler Gale was born.


His second child, Juliette Gale was born.


His third child, Mia Gale was born.


His wife, Cordelia and him celebrated their 10-year anniversary. A fire at the Yarra Winery broke out killing him, Cordelia, Elena, Claudio and Olivia.

His fourth and final child, Tara Gale was born after Cordelia mysteriously survived the fire.

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