Angela Rachel Albert is a character in the series, Lilydale.

History Edit


Angela Albert was born to English parents, Elise and Mr. Albert. She is an only child.


At seventeen years old, Angela officially joined the Vipers, desperate to make money for a living to look after her sickly parents.


Angela soon met Frank where they began working together under Alejandro Vella, the boss of the Vipers.


Nine years together, Frank proposed to Angela where they got married two months later.


Angela fell pregnant to her twin boys, Noah and Finn. Frank clearly made his point that he never wanted to have children in which this made him furious. Five months into her pregnancy, Frank tried to poison her. She left Frank even being heavily pregnant and sought help elsewhere.


Nearly nine months pregnant, Angela met Cordelia, Elena and Olivia where they all became friends.

She gave birth to two healthy boys and temporarily lived with Cordelia and her husband.


Angela, Cordelia, Elena and Olivia all conspired together that the real threat within Lilydale was the leader of the Vipers, Frank. They planned to have him killed but their plan was leaked to Frank somehow.


On the twin boys birthday, March 29th, Frank found out where Angelas new home was and murdered her right in front of Noahs eyes. Despite Frank and Angela separating in 1994, they were still legally married.

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